Iím currently eating 2 meals a day, maybe a few times a week I would have 3 meals like on weekends. First meal is x2 cheese, tomato and sponge toasties, x2 toast with peanut butter and 1 toast with 1 egg (I have 1 egg everyday for about 5-6 times a week). I also have a smoothie made out of almond milk, blueberries, peanut butter and banana. Haha is this too much??? Itís in limits but worried carbs could be so high! For my second meal around dinner itís usually brown rice with lots of leafy greens like broccoli and spinach etc. some sweet potato and corn too on the side. And then again with that meal I have x2 toasts with peanut butter. ALL is wholemeal based nothing white. Have not touched unrefined food for about 2 weeks now.

If I have a third meal itís usually on the weekend cause Iím at someoneís house and have to snack on something like fruit or else theyíll ask to many questions but I always stick to my diet and what Iím meant to eat. If itís at home and Iím really hungry at night, my third meal would just be x2 toast with peanut butter. I have a major sweet tooth so peanut butter is really the the only thing that is helping that craving thatís why Iím having so much of it. I donít like fruit very much, never have but I do try now.

The peanut butter is made out of peanuts and salt only FYI. I know normal peanut butter has sugar so I get the healthier version.