Hi everyone!

I am new to the site (new to posting- I've done A LOT of research within the site). I am about to start swaying for a girl but I just wanted to review my sway with you wonderful ladies here! After talking to a lot of girl moms, I have found some patterns but at the same time, I've also found things that I thought would work that turned out not to. I have only been tracking and dieting for a month but we are planning on TTC in March and April. I have a 2 year old little boy and I am hoping to add a little girl to our family! Here's my potential sway:


-Trying to do LE diet- I don't have too long, so I am just focused on cutting down sodium and eating less/losing weight (I was eating a lot of sodium when I had my son, and I gained some weight). I've already lost 2 pounds (doesn't sound like a lot but my BMI is 20.4). Skipping breakfast everyday

-Planning to take Magnesium and baby aspirin AF-O

-zyrtec 2 hours before BD

-rephresh every 3 days from last day of AF-O (Can I use Replens as well or is that not recommended?)

-Coffee 1-2 times a day (I do this everyday), Alcohol everyday in fertile window, diet coke/crystal light from AF-O.


-Cranberry from my AF-O
-LR from my AF-O
- Alcohol everyday in fertile window, coffee 1-2 times a day, will have him stop 1-2 days before BD
- Enjoys an occasional smoke every once in a while, so may have him do that before we BD


-1 attempt at positive OPK with abstinence for 7 days (I've read that this is the best method if in a hurry)?

I don't think my husband will agree to do too much more, so I am hoping to not have to add to his sway much! Thank you so much, ladies!