You can get many days of "high" before going to peak on Clearblue. I would ~suspect~ that is probably what may happen this time, but it absolutely can still

It is normal to get a negative on a non-digi OPK when you have a high on Clearblue. The non-digi's work differently and so it's very often that people will get those high readings and a stark white non-digi OPK. Even if you normally get a fade in there's no guarantee of that happening every month.

I know it's weird when you have a typical cycle and then it changes, but this can happen at any point in time, especially when swaying. I would always operate under the assumption that you could O at any time in the fertile window really, even if it's earlier than you expect.

Just use small amounts of Preseed. Lubes come in two varieties - those that sway blue and spermkillers, LOL. But luckily we have found that small amounts (like, the smallest amount you can get away with) of Preseed and similar products like Conceive Plus are working well as a lube for pink swayers who need them. It's more the large amounts you need to watch out for.