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    Girl Sway after chemical pregnancy

    Hello! Long time user here, and back again. Husband and I want to try for our second girl. We have 2 boys (4yr, 2yr) and a daughter (turning 1yr this month). I am still breastfeeding my daughter, but am ovulating most cycles. There are a couple of cycles I feel maybe my luteal phase is very very short? I currently am on CD 2. We tried last month, we ended up getting pregnant, though that resulted in a chemical pregnancy I believe (2 days of a progressing second line at 10 and 11dpo), then I unfortunately started bleeding heavily the night of 11dpo . Wondering if it's due to a short luteal phase due to bf my daughter? My cycles tend to be longer (38-39 days) and I seem to ovulate around CD 24-27.
    I have been trying to exercise more. My issue is when I read the boy/girl sway food guides, I definitely tend to sway more blue. :/
    Is there anything else I can do for a girl Sway other than changing my diet? I crave a ton of fats and carbs unfortunately. Is there any merit to taking BBT while swaying or should I just go off a positive OPK? Thank you!

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    I'm sorry to hear that.

    It's definitely a possibility that breastfeeding can cause a short LP, but if you got a positive pregnancy test, what most likely (like, 99% likely) happened is that something was not right with the pregnancy and your body pulled the plug on it. Once you're getting a positive pregnancy test, your body would have received the signal to make enough hormones to sustain it, even with breastfeeding. That didn't happen, and the reason is generally due to something just not being quite right.

    Changing your diet is by far the best thing to do. Diet and exercise are the best ways to go, I wish it was easier but it's just how it seems to be. But in most cases people can eat a LOT MORE than they think on LE Diet. Some people online have spread ideas about LE Diet that are simply untrue and so if you tell me what you think the LE Diet even is, I can advise you. Additionally your macros would be higher because you're breastfeeding as well, and we can up them even more if need be to get to a place where you're eating less than you were, even if you can't get to the full on LE Diet mode.

    I don't advise doing temping for swaying unless you're already doing it. It doesn't add anything for the sway, it's simply a way to know if you ovulated and when, and starting that process means you can get kind of "control freaky" about it, which sways blue. I would just use OPK.
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