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    Fertility Cup ("Ferti-Lily" brand)

    I am hoping to sway girl. I believe these have helped me conceive with my miscarriages.

    If I use it am I likely swaying boy?

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    A fertility cup can't prevent a miscarriage, and there is no evidence that supports them helping to conceive, either. I personally have fears that for some people they are actually worse than nothing because many people end up losing semen/sperm trying to put them in place, and also because they can effectively seal the cervix shut, if there is some or most semen trapped on the outside, they can't get past the cup. All you need to do to conceive is stay laying down for at least 30 minutes and spend part of that time on your stomach. Some people prop their hips but that is less reliable than laying on the stomach part of the time, in our results.

    Some people also do believe the cups sway blue. There's no data either way, but it's a concern some people have.

    It is your choice to make, but I don't think the cup is really helping you conceive, so if it's something you want to let go of for the sake of your sway, there are other ways to boost your chances of conceiving.
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