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Thread: Any advise ?

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    Any advise ?

    Hi ladies,

    Sorry for my English ..

    I don’t know if its the best place, but I really need to talk and have some support as there is no-one to whom I can talk about in real life.

    I am the happy mother of two boys 10 and 7 years old, and I always wanted a girl. I discovered this forum while pregnant with my second boy (Almost 8 years ago) and was very happy to know that I have a chance to get my girl.

    Since then, I committed to LE diet several times and spent all of this years on and off, restricting my self. But each time, at the end of the 3 months of commitment …. Some thing happens (unplanned travel, sickness, new job, pandemic …) and all the project is postponed.

    The last thing was the most overwhelming event as I had a suspected breast cancer days before the first attempt, and it took me more than six month to go through all the process and have a lumpectomy.

    While waiting for the diagnosis, I felt stupid for loosing all this time trying to perfectionate my swaying and waiting for the best time, So I decided to TTC immediately once I am reassured about my health … and now that I am reassured, I don’t feel ready to TTC and look at all this 8 years and all the efforts I spent, I think it’s stupid to finally try without sways … but what if I sway and another think happens …

    It may sound silly but I really cannot go throw all the process to finally not be able try, each time I planed and dreamed about all the details, which month I will get pregnant, when will I give birth, how old my boys will be … I feel tired.

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    Well, I hate to hear of anyone trying to be so "perfect" on diet it takes them eight years to TTC!!! That is not the mental approach I want you guys to take. If something comes up after a few months on diet, just RELAX somewhat on diet and try anyway.

    Can you please tell me more about the restrictions you are putting yourself through on LE Diet?? It is very likely that most of them were not even necessary (as I find many times when people have a hard time sticking with diet, they're being far too strict and it's not at all necessary) That will give me the ability to better help you.
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