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Thread: Beauty products

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    Beauty products

    Hi @atomic sagebrush and ladies,

    Wondering if there are any beauty products needing to avoid?
    Given your skin is your largest organ and absorbs products I was wondering what we can and can't use, if any?

    I use hyaluronic acid, toner, jojoba oil, retinol creams and serums, vit c serum (occasionally) and face cream.
    not all of these are combine or use in one day, these products are face and neck. I am not one to cover my body in moisturiser or tanner.

    Please note: I stop retinol at BFP

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    I would stop the retinol stuff much sooner than that. Vitamin A (as you know, putting this in here for others who are reading it) can be harmful in pregnancy and since it's stored in fat, it may take time for it to leave your system. Plus Vitamin A may raise testosterone, now, I don't know that is the case with retinol cream but it's just something that occurs to me.

    I can't answer your question about the other stuff. No one has gone through and studied all these various preparations on the market to see how or if they sway.
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