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    What can we drink and how much?

    I ask because I'm not a big water drinker. I have sparkling water occasionally or Nexba or DASH flavoured sparkling water (not mineral water)

    I have 1- 2 glasses of white wine a night.

    I have crystal light in my pantry and have been reading alot of women on here having diet coke? How much aspartame can you have daily?

    I'm trying to avoid sugar and limit milk.

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    I would just drink to your level of thirst. Should be about what you normally drink. Most sparkling waters are fine just avoid any that are highly vitamin fortified.

    1-2 glasses of alcohol is fine daily.

    I prefer you guys stick with safe and sane aspartame use because it really doesn't help anyone's sways. 2-3 servings no larger than 12-16 ounces max.
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