If you give me the brand name I may be able to look it up. Otherwise I'd ask the pharmacist for the nutrient info.

Yes, if you are planning to do IVF you should continue the prenatal (or SOME prenatal!)

There is some variation month by month and there is a chance especially with a different protocol you will get better results.

What did the doc say about the cyst??? S/he would be better able to advise you on what that would mean for your IVF rounds than I am.

Are you taking DHEA under your doctor's supervision?? That is not something you should be going on without firstly having a proven NEED for it, and secondly, close monitoring. DHEA can be great for women who need it, but if your DHEA is already in normal range, you can raise your levels too high and end up with poor egg quality from having too high a testosterone level. Given your age, I would not take that withtout having had your DHEA levels tested before (and proven lower than normal) and also without having them tested along the way. This is VERY important so please come off the DHEA and discuss it with your doctor because taking it when you don't need it is worse than nothing.