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    weight loss or blood sugar on the PCOS LE Diet

    Just that really. I think my husband may be coming round sooner than I thought and I donít want to wait too long in case he changes his mind haha.

    Iíve been working hard to change my diet. Iíve lost 2kg so far but am still much heavier than when I conceived my boy 5 years ago. I had gestational diabetes then so am doing the LE alternative diet. Iíve stuck to many aspects of it well, havenít been perfect with food but definitely better than I was 2-3 months ago!

    So, which is more beneficial to a swayÖ the weight loss itself (which Iíve achieved a little of with an imperfect diet) or the diet itself when doing the alternative diet?

    Do I really need to be at my lowest conception weight? With the weight coming off this slowly I am pretty sure thatís take about a year to achieve.

    Iím currently eating about 1,700-1,800 calories a day. Protein and fat within 60/70g and the rest of my calories from carbs. I am eating wholegrain and whole fats but have add the odd treat here and there - normally after my dinner. I know this needs to be the first thing to change but Iím just wondering how much my sway would be affected if we tried say, next month, with not much weight loss (by still some small weight loss) and a much improved diet.

    Apologies if this question doesnít make much sense! Basically my title is the question Iím keen to know the answer to! Thank you
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    Having been on diet 12 weeks or more is most important BY FAR. Weight loss honestly doesn't predict success reliably. In your sway plan I put but losing any weight can help. and If you’re actively losing weight when you get pregnant, it can help, but don’t go overboard trying to time weight loss. Lose what you can, when you can, IF you can, so it sounds to me like you are right on target.

    I only ever said "lowest conception weight" because I used to get 400000000 questions on that every day. People who had a lot of weight to spare would be like "ok I'm this weight, is it ok to try now" and they'd ask the question very repetitively (like, every couple pounds). Other people who didn't have much to spare continued losing weight no matter what (this was before I had observed the BMI limits where people started losing ovulation, and I keep it in the mix because 80% of people are intimidated by the idea of calculating their BMI and need a hard number - since this varies by person, by height, it is still a useful goal number). Long story short, I had to pick a goal weight for practical reasons but no one should ever feel that they have to wait around for a long time to hit that goal. It is TIME ON DIET and also if you've lost some weight, that's great.
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