Hi everyone!

I am 2 weeks away from the 12 week mark for the LE diet, I was planning on trying to conceive
next month. I have been tolerating the diet really well and am no longer really that hungry on a vegetarian, LE, 2 meals per day with a 16 hour fast! However, I have been really struggling to eat enough calories, eating about 30-40g of both protein and fat but only managing about 1000cals at the most, but i thought if I wasnt really struggling with this calorie intake then ill just go with it. my ovulation has been pretty regular, getting my peak CD13-15 with a 26-29 day cycle.

This month however... I thought i got my peak on cd13 but it was really short only lasting a few hours and not as high as normal, i also noted I didnt notice any EWCM but never thought much of it.
Today, I went to pee and noticed some EWCM (CD23), tested my lH and I am high again!! looks like I am ovulating now! I also have recently recovered from the stomach flu but I was totally fine at my normal ovulation time (cd13-14). Is this because I am not eating enough cals? I am gutted as I feel I wont know when to DTD next month on our first try!

any help with trying to make my cycle regular without wasting the past 12 weeks of a LE diet!