I have, over the years, encountered several dozen pink swayers who just inexplicably were not getting pregnant. Invariably, these were the strictest of swayers, doing the most intense diets, exercising a lot, losing too much weight, and often had experienced at least some disruptions in their menstrual cycle. I used everything in my bag of tricks to enable them to conceive, and nothing worked. Even when they gained a little weight back and relaxed on diet somewhat, they still didn't get pregnant. I had them have all the testing done, and nothing was wrong. Some of them even went on to have unsuccessful IVF/IUI rounds. A few of them even gave up totally.

Almost without exception, these women eventually DID get pregnant. What happened was a) they gave up swaying totally and just tried to get pregnant and relaxed on diet and exercise, b) something happened in one particular month (moving, they had to go to a wedding, a vacation, etc) and they ended up getting pregnant after really relaxing on diet and exercise or c) they gave up TTC completely, stopped dieting or even thinking about trying any more, and were shocked when they ended up pregnant without expecting it.

But in many cases, it took them YEARS. In the case of the people who did unsuccessful IVF/IUI rounds, it took years and tens of thousands of dollars. Many people experienced one or more miscarriages along the way.

Please, please heed my words - you MUST NOT sway too strictly. I tell you guys to start off eating more food than you think you need for good reasons. I have the BMI cutoff of 21 set there for a reason. I do not want you to suffer all this stress and heartbreak. Please eat an adequate food intake as it is written in the LE Diet or even go above those levels when you're starting off, just to see how it goes. If weight is flying off of you, eat more. The LE Diet is not and never has been a starvation diet. Even if you were thinner in the past, if you're experiencing changes in cycle you cannot continue losing weight and eating too few calories and fat.

And if you've been trying for longer than 3 months and haven't gotten pregnant, message me for help at atomicsagebrush@gmail.com. Don't go on and on while weight flies off and not message me for the better part of a year. I can help you but only if you let me know what's going on.

At the end of it all - most of those women still got their desired gender even though they had to relax on diet. So please don't let a worry about getting an opposite prevent you from reaching out to me for assistance.