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    Hi again Atomic and thanks for answering all my questions!!!

    I wanted to know if you know of any vitamins/etc that I could take to prevent Down Syndrome. With my last pregnancy that ended in miscarriage we got the NIPT results saying 91% chance of Down Syndrome. I'm nervous that with my age (37, turning 38 in July) that we would have a repeat. Any tips?

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    Down Syndrome is just bad luck - it can happen to anyone at any age but as we age it's more likely. It has to do with errors in the DNA that happen randomly and not something that is caused by lower nutrients.

    It's really very unlikely that taking any vitamins can help prevent DS. It is also most probably something that will not ever happen again, but one study did seem to find that in women who take 2000 mcg folic acid or folate (which is what I recommend for blue anyway) it ~may~ have been less likely that they had chromosomal abnormalities with the egg. I am not super sold that this is legitimate but it's certainly worth a try. Start right away and take all thru the first trimester of pregnancy and then gradually wean off by spacing doses further and further out till down to one per week, then you can drop it.
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