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    What happens to egg and ovaries during pregnancy?

    Okay, this might be a weird question and I might not even know how to word it right. But what are the ovaries and eggs doing during pregnancy?
    It takes about 90 days for an egg to develop and be ready to be ovulated and fertilized. But do they still develop in the "background" during pregnancy? Do you lose eggs each month even when pregnant? Or are they in some kind of stasis? But a lot of people get pregnant really quick after a miscarriage so that means there are eggs somewhat developed that will mature in time for next cycle? But why would egg development continue through pregnancy?

    Is there any theories on how pregnancy could affect egg quality? Some people believe you are more fertile right after a miscarriage, could that be due to pregnancy having a protective effect on egg quality? Or is it not the eggs, maybe it's just the body already being in "pregnancy mode" or just the fact that obviously your lifestyle recently has already been good enough for pregnancy so it's easy to think that you still have about the same lifestyle and fertility.

    I've had a missed abortion and while waiting on the bleeding and pondering about what month I should do next IVF treatment I started wondering how last months pregnancy might have affected my eggs. I should probably wait 3 months in order to eat full 90 days of ubiquinol before IVF. Or should I?

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    So sorry for your loss.

    Every month that passes (starting before you are ever born) you lose up to 1000 eggs. Pregnant or not, even before puberty, those eggs die.

    You have all the eggs you will ever have, in stasis, before you are born. The most eggs you'll ever have is when you're 20 weeks gestation, as a fetus. Then those eggs start to die off quite rapidly for reasons no one understands but must serve some purpose.

    You still your eggs when you're pregnant. They don't develop because the hormones are different when you are pregnant. But they're still in there, and then after a person has a miscarriage (depending on how far along you are, and how good a condition you are in) they can release a fully developed egg as soon as 2 weeks after the loss. In other cases they have to wait many weeks or even months to ovulate again.

    Pregnancy does not do anything to preserve egg quality that we are aware of. Neither does being on birth control (a question I also get asked a lot). Just not having a menstrual cycle does not preserve your eggs because you lose eggs every month.

    It is very much up in the air if people are really more fertile after a loss. More likely is that the hormones make it more likely that people develop 2+ eggs and thus have more of a chance of conceiving, but it doesn't mean your eggs are better and it CERTAINLY doesn't mean you're more "fertile" in terms of your EWCM, your lining, and the ability of the sperm to greet the egg. That is not proven and in fact is likely NOT the case at all as many people have a worse lining and very little CM after a loss, not to mention the cillia in the tubes may not be working as well as they should.

    All that having been said, PLEASE do not wait 3 months before doing your IVF rounds (unless your doc says it is necessary). The truth is, ubiquinol does very little. It is barely more than a placebo. None of the supplements people take for IVF are very effective, that's why we can see websites full of women taking gobs of supplements and not conceiving. They're basically something doctors throw at us to make us think we're in control of an inherently uncontrollable situation.

    Studies have found that waiting after a loss WITHOUT a reason is worse than trying sooner. For reasons we don't know, there's a better pregnancy rate in those who conceive sooner. Now, this is probably becasue the people who DON'T conceive quickly have lower fertility, but still, most sources now say to try sooner as long as you have your doctors approval. So waiting 3 months does not help your chances and may hurt them.
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