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    Sperm issues which is worse?

    Which is worse/less likely to get a pregnancy

    Candidate 1
    10m sperm count, 66% progressive motile and 4% morphology
    2. 76m sperm count 66% progressive motile and 1% morphology

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    Candidate 1 has much worse chances.

    Sperm numbers are the single most important factor and you can see why:

    4% normal sperm of 10 million is 400,000 sperm
    1% normal sperm of 76 million is 760,000.

    Plus, the guy who can make 76 million a shot will add up much faster:

    2 attempts with 10 million sperm - 800,000 sperm
    2 attempts with 76 mil - 1, 520,000

    and so on over number of attempts.

    Plus, morphology AND count can get better over time, but as a general rule the guy making 76 mil regularly is going to have by far and away better sperm quality than a man making 10 million regularly.
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