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    sperm supplements/questions last post of this kind!

    so, we went from 10m - 66% p/motile - 4% morphology to 44m - 20% p/motile - 3% morphology.
    clinics we have spoken to have said its a ICSI requirement IVF wise.
    clinics i have also spoken to (free consultation over phone) have advised some supplements but it was a time constraint and i forgot to ask about more stuff..
    husband has mild vericocle.
    on a website i have seen COQ10 at 300mg suggested
    also i have seen myo inositol suggested for him but also some info on this is conflicting.. opinions?
    vitamin d3 same thing.. he has 15ug in multivitamin now.. should i add a further supplementation of 25ug so total 40ug a day? are there adverse or positive effects to up'ing this?

    i finally have my scan tomorrow to check tubes etc.. tho worried i look forward to seeing how things are my side. any help/advice soooo gratefully received.

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    More sperm is better so that's actually good news. I know it's hard to believe but the numbers are the single most important thing.

    I would give him a good all around men's vitamin like One a DAy over 50 and then add in carnitine, arginine (or a supp that contains both of them) possibly combined with nitric oxide (I am far less sold on that, though). Coq10 is fine, I'd skip the myoinositol though as I'm not sure I trust that for men yet.

    Yes I'd give him more Vit D than that. Total of up to 250% recommended daily value (I'm not sure how you're measuring them. In the US this is 700 IU but I think you may be using a different measurement.)
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