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    Fertilty clinic email

    Hi Atomic i just got a Fertility clinic email that has freaked me out a bit to be honest.

    He has said to me that at age 30 50% of my eggs will be abnormal. Is this true? There HAS to be someway i can stop this? its making me feel like it was my fault even more then before..

    However he said with a AMH (done in april) of 21 pmol/L its fine & that i dont need IUI or IVF.

    Its still scared me, the eggs being abnormal part. I just really cant stand the idea of a repeat.. any advice for how to make my eggs not this way? any food, supplements?
    i take myo inositol and coq10 300mg daily.. and a generalised pregnancy vitamin as i decided it is similar to all the other conception ones just with more stuff and less lots of pills to take - ill link the conception/pregnancy one ive started here,

    he has said i will be more fertile after a miscarriage. i will copy, paste his email below:

    Charles Kingsland <>

    9:36 AM (8 minutes ago)

    to me

    Hi Sophie,
    Humans do not always make good embryos. At 30, 50 percent of all embryos made are genetically abnormal. That's why we don't get pregnant every month, or miscarry when we do. 97 per cent of all miscarriages in the first 12 weeks are genetically abnormal.
    Rarely do humans miscarry a normal baby and rarely do genetically abnormal babies get to be born. For every 100 Down's syndrome babies that are conceived, only one is ever born.
    So having one miscarriage can be normal. Yes you are more fertile after a miscarriage and with an AMH of 21, you will be fine.
    No you don't need IUI and you won't need IVF. If you do have any problems, just give us a ring.

    Good luck,

    Professor Charles Kingsland
    Postgraduate Medical Institute, University of Edge Hill
    Consultant Gynaecologist, Royal Preston Hospital
    Clinical Director, CARE Fertility Group
    Mobile 07399 257515

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    He's trying to tell you that EVERYONE at age 30 has a very high % of abnormal eggs. All human beings who have eggs have a lot of abnormal eggs. It's normal to be abnormal, LOL. There is no way to stop it because it appears to be a natural process that affects us all. He was trying to reassure you, not scare you! One miscarriage is not at all unusual. Many of us have one or two along the way (I had two, and five healthy children). Many of us started off having a loss with our first pregnancy and then went on to have heathy pregnancies thereafter.

    Your AMH is great. You do not need IVF. He is telling you that your chances are GOOD, not bad!

    Again, and I know this is not what you want me to say but it is what the reality is, NOTHING you do or take can prevent another loss. There is no guarantee I can offer you and there's no guarantee the doctor can offer you either. The chances are very, very high (as he's saying 97% or better) that your loss was due to sheer misfortune and nothing else, and you roll the conception dice again and you will end up with a healthy baby at the end of it.

    That is a perfectly fine vitamin to take.

    I personally find that they say "you're more fertile after a miscarriage" to reassure ladies and not because it's universally true. Great if it's true, if not, you're no worse off than you were before, LOL. So if they are telling you it's ok to try, I urge you to go right ahead and try.
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