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    Cheat week..need to delay attempt or ok?!

    Hi Atomic,

    First of all just wanted to say thank you for answering all my questions so far! I really appreciate it & this site is amazing.

    Ive just come back from holiday where I had 5 cheat days, eating 3-4 times a day, calories between 1800-2655, fat 68-104g, protein 35-92g daily.

    My husband was mostly drinking daily & has been for a few weeks. I was walking a lot but not timing so not 100% if it was an hour at a time. Ive been on the diet since March & we still have 3 weeks left until our planned attempt.

    Were swaying pink. Our pink things were doing are -
    Citalopram (needed for postnatal depression still not doing for sway!)
    Drinking daily
    Light cardio 1 hour daily
    Diet Coke daily
    On contraceptive pill until next period
    Husband smokes & drinks daily
    One attempt
    Vegetarian - have been for years
    Getting back on LE PCOS diet now back from hols!
    Trying to chill out..need to work on this for sure haha!!

    Question is, does this week off all limits throw us completely off? Should I delay or just go for it? In general before the LE diet my protein has always been super low, fat not so much though!

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    Nope, no need to postpone a sway. We have seen pretty definitively that people who are on diet even WITH cheats, as long as you have been on it have great results. People on diet for 2-4 weeks, even SUPER strictly (like, borderline starvation diets, fasting, etc, over my strenuous objections) are getting much lower results than those on diet 12+ weeks even tho the people on diet longer generally are much more relaxed.

    There is still lots of time between the cheats and your attempt, just regroup and go for it.
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