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    Girl sway advice after chemical

    Hi Atomic,

    I got my BFP but then very shortly after had a chemical loss, during the time Iíd had the positive & when recovering from the chemical (including at present) Iíve gone off the girl diet!

    I didnít exercise for around 2 weeks, had been doing 1 hour daily very light cardio previously, gave up on the fasting timesÖand ate more fat etc than previous but my protein was still consistently low. Had been doing diet/exercise for 12 weeks prior.

    My question is, in your expert opinion is it better to delay our next attempt or would it be wise to continue with the next cycle because a chemical/miscarriage sways pink?

    I know either way is not 100% of course but just not sure what would be more Ďpinkí!

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    I'm so sorry to hear that.

    I would just pick it up and move on. Not because a chemical sways X amount (because we truly do not know that in any quantifiable way) but because I find that waiting around for the 'ideal' month means people end up going on and on very long times without conceiving. This often ends with people either developing very disrupted cycles (and having to sway blue via diet just to conceive at all) or getting sick of the entire process and giving up everything just to get pregnant quickly. It makes MUCH more sense to simply be sensible with your sway and continue on, rather than setting yourself an impossibly high bar that's not even necessary (since we do see many people getting girls after chemicals and later losses as well.)
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