Over the last few months I have had several people come to me in a panic/elation convinced that they were having a boy based on seeing a huge "thing" sticking out from their baby's belly.

Take a moment and picture the human body. Your genitals DO NOT stick out from the center of your stomach. There is a reason why we say "between the legs" - it is because that is where genitals are located. Not in the center of the stomach. If you look down you'll see that is where your belly button is!

If the "thing" is sticking out from the baby's stomach, it is cord. Try to imagine the baby laying flat and you will soon realize that prominent thing you're looking at simply cannot be a penis!

The nub will be basically coming from the butt, in many (like 90%) cases does not stick up at all but downwards, and is often entirely HIDDEN by the baby's curled up legs. In order for you to get a good nub shot, the tech needs to focus the ultrasound so the outer leg is rendered invisible and the focus of the wand (remember, ultrasounds have the ability to do cutaway shots).

Many times, this is not done all the way, and you will see the baby's leg bone instead, or superimposed over, the actual nub. Try to keep in mind you are looking at a very small little being, and so if you see a ginormous dong sticking up that is not in any way proportional to the rest of the body, that is either leg bone or cord. The cord is long and can go all over around and so it is entirely possible for the cord to be between the legs.

This is even more true when you are given a potty shot before 15 weeks at the very earliest, and more like 18+ is better. Potty shots too early are not reliable because boys and girls still look the same from below, and the ultrasound can capture the cord from that angle and from below it looks like boy bits even when it isn't.

Again, if your baby appears to have a "penis" that is out of all proportion to its body, that is NOT GENITALS but some other thing. People are regularly messaging me with pictures where the supposed "penis" is as long as the entire thigh! If the "thing" you think you see is in the wrong place entirely, or else it is so long as to be unbelievable, that is NOT the "thing" you think it is!

And as for girls, remember this - human female babies are NOT Barbie Dolls! Many people expect that girl babies are going to be totally smooth, but as we all know there is "stuff" on girls too and this stuff looks a LOT like what boys have early on in gestation. Boys and girls look IDENTICAL till the 12th week at the very earliest and the 13th week is more reliable. So if you see something sticking out (even if it IS in proportion) that does not mean you're having a boy. Girls have that too!