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    BD - if just really want to conceive

    What is recommended BD wise if all you want to do is make sure you conceive and have no specific gender focus on when you BD?
    And also what are the BD recommendations for boy,girl? why does this sway

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    SMEP is usually the best for TTC if you don't mind it swaying blue. A quick Google search will give you the details on it.

    For pink, one attempt in the fertile window is best. We don't know why exactly it works but it does get good results for girls. Just BD at first positive opk.

    For blue, multiple attempts are best. Usually three in the fertile window is good, with one at positive opk then two more attempts the following day. Really though just having several attempts helps sway boy. Many of us here got boys with Bding quite a bit around ovulation.
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    SMEP is best for upping odds of conception

    Sperm Meets Egg Plan

    For pink we recommend one attempt and most do it at pos OPK for the sake of convenience

    For blue we recommend having hubby do regular release every 2-4 days (protected if you believe in timing, unprotected if you don't) and then 3 attempts in fertile window

    I have to admit I am getting a weird vibe from your question - can you please clear up why you want to have instructions for all of this stuff? Because most people here are swaying for a certain gender and I'm curious why anyone would want instructions for everything all in one thread like this.
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