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    Delaying TTC, do I stop the diet?

    Hi everyone,

    I started the LE diet a week and a half ago and Iím just about getting used to it, although sometimes still starving. I was planning on being on the diet for 12 weeks before our first attempt to conceive but my husband has been sent to a country where Zika is present, and the advice is to postpone trying to get pregnant for 3 months. So by the time he comes back the 3 months will start, meaning that I will have been on the diet for 15 weeks by that point (probably 15-17 weeks before that cycleís ovulation). Iím just wondering if itís best to come off the diet now and wait to re-start so I donít lose too much weight or get too disheartened, or if itís better to keep going now Iíve started so I donít have to go through the difficult adjustment period at the beginning of the diet again?

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    what I'd have you do is just go vegetarian for now. Stop worrying about the calories and protein and fat limits, just be a happy vegetarian and eat what you want, then closer to when you're ready to start trying, then go on the full LE Diet at that time.
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