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    Something changed?

    Hello ladies. I know it's so much going on and I don't even know if many of you ladies still read on here. But maybe someone of you had similar feelings at one point.
    So our ttc time gets closer and I'm excited and just want another baby so so much.
    We have one girl and two boys and I'm swaying girl. Although I was from the beginning absolutely fine with having another boy I still thought a girl would be just amazing.
    Suddenly I had two moments (first a couple of days ago, second just a few hours ago) where I thought I want another boy.
    I've never swayed before. Is that something other women felt too? Or am I trying to lie to myself so I won't be too sad if my sway won't work? Maybe someone felt something similar? I would love to read from you. 😊
    Stay healthy everyone.

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    Yes I have heard this from many women and even felt mixed emotions about it myself. Even after I heard my daughter was on her way, I felt a bit sad thinking I'd never have another son again. I don't think it's lying to ourselves at all, it's just knowing that we won't have the opposite gender if our sway work.
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    Yes, so much. A couple of years ago we met a family at the beach with four sons. The boys were older than ours and so polite and sweet. For some reason I haven’t forgotten about them and I think it’s because that’s how I see our future. Part of me wants a daughter, but part of me would also be sad to not have four boys.
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