Oh gosh I haven't been on here in months. I still have 30 lbs to lose! It has been so frustrating. I am getting my IUD out next Friday finally. Not sure what we will do for birth control. Hubby is talking vasectomy - mixed emotions on my part regarding that. Hopefully getting the IUD will help. I have just started back up on psyllium husk as well to try and help curb my appetite. Although I started tracking a few months ago and was around 1700 calories daily eating 'normally' and still no weight shed. I have just started back to school through distance so my days are spent sitting too much, I am sure that is a factor as well. I am also done for the semester so hopefully I will be able to incorporate more movement over the next few months to finally move some of this weight. My bloating before my periods has just been awful too, I go up a pant size each month and then once it's over I am back down. The yo-yo-ing has been mentally and physically challenging.