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    MrzHillz TTC a GIRL Sway Attempt

    TTC a Girl Sway Attempt
    Gender Result:
    DW Age:
    DH Age:
    Current Children's Gender(s)
    Boy, Girl, Boy
    Number of Months TTC
    Did you purchase and follow a GD Personalized Plan?
    Did you follow a diet plan?
    If yes to diet, which one did you most follow?
    • LE(Low Everything)
    • Other

    Comments regarding DW's diet changes-
    I followed LE PCOS. The biggest changes to my diet were no binge snacking on sugary foods, especially before bed and cutting out potato, tomato, carrots and bananas
    If diet was used, length of time before attempt?
    On and off for 16 weeks.
    Did you skip breakfast regularly?
    Did DH change his diet with you?
    Comments regarding DH's diet-
    With my first sway DH changed nothing, this time he picked up drinking and limited red meat

    Dropped steak from once a week to once every two weeks. He is a big chicken eater and prefers chicken over red meat anyway so it was easy for him.

    He is a caffeine fiend and has roughly 6 cups a day plus a 500ml can of sugar free Monster daily. DH was never a drinker but just after Christmas picked up the habit of 2-3 beers a night, not part of a sway just as a way to relax after work.

    Before bed he usually has a bowl of cereal
    DId you consume alcohol?
    • Often- daily

    DId you try to limit caffeine?
    No, I drink caffeine regularly
    Any Diet Details?
    I have never been a big fruit eater but ate some strawberries in my yogurt. Didnít touch fish, red meat, potato, carrot, tomatoes or bananas. Carbs came mostly from wholemeal bread, rice cakes, Ryvita and wholegrain wraps

    I used to eat chicken most days of the week and steak once a week but cut the steak out completely and cut chicken down to 2-3 times a week with dinner only

    A typical day consisted of two coffees in the morning
    Lunch at 12-1pm Ė rice cakes with jam or Ryvita with Laughing cow cheese and cucumber, yogurt with strawberries and cinnamon and a Coke no sugar
    Dinner at 6 Ė A chicken and salad wrap, sometimes boiled egg, or a chicken and pasta casserole. Common vegetables were zucchini, mushroom and capsicum
    Any Diet Comments/Additional Info?
    This was my second time swaying after a successful (not documented) girl sway in 2017 so a lot of my diet habits and food especially the no potato or bananas came from old research from this site, Ingender and google but I was too nervous to drop a lot.

    I wasn't the most strict due to so many Birthdays and when I would go off the diet it was because of cake and chocolate
    What did you weigh/BMI do leading up to O?
    61kg BMI 20.4

    I started at 67kgs and lost 5kgs in the first few weeks of dieting due to not eating all the sugary junk food but naturally maintained 61kg in the last couple of weeks
    Any Weight/Exercise related additional info/comments?
    Couch potato. Mostly due to thatís what I did with my last sway and with my boys I was naturally doing moderate exercise. I did not have the time to do the full 1hr of cardio a day and was too afraid to do moderate as I said it as how I conceived my boys.
    pH Before Starting a Sway Program, if known
    Any VG potions used?
    • NO

    CM pH at attempt
    DH pH
    How many BD attempts did you make for the BFP cycle?
    BD Dates according to Ovulation
    • 3 Days Before O

    Any additional comments?
    We dtd every 3 days starting a week before pos OPK. Our last attempt was the night before my Pos OPK and ovulation was confirmed with BBT and dating scan
    DH Info about Swimmers
    • BD every few days

    BD Position
    Did you Jump and Dump?
    • No

    Any relevant attempt details?
    No Jump and Dump, went to sleep after attempt and No big O that attempt but previous attempts I had.
    DW Supplements
    • Vitex
    • folic acid
    • Calcium
    • Magnesium
    • Fiber

    DH Supplements
    • Licorice Root
    • Cranberry
    • Magnesium

    Any additional supplement info?
    Calcium and Magnesium, I had 2 tablets everyday with DD but wasnít sure about it this time around so decided to take 2 tablets every 2 days this time

    The only thing I added this sway compared to last was fiber (Benefibr) and COQ10
    Did you do anything with Ions?
    Plants in the bedroom
    Amethyst and Rose Quartz bracelets
    Lava stone bracelet with lavender oil
    Outside a lot the days around ovulation and we live on a property on a hill so lots of wind
    Moon Phase during conception?
    Waning Crescent
    Did you use any Old Wives Tales?
    Baby girl bag under the bed with a wooden spoon, pink scissors, pink ribbons and bows, girl outfits and a piece of paper with a few girl names we liked. (We did this with our first sway too)

    Had a dream board of all things pink and girly on my phone including photos of things that I would buy her such as pink bouncers etc.
    Things that make me feel great about my sway:
    Almost everything was the same as when I conceived my DD on my last sway.
    Things that make me nervous about my sway:
    No exercise, I didnít exercise with my DD but I kept seeing it in the forums as highly recommended.

    I wasnít following the diet as strictly as I hoped.

    The changed supplement from my first sway, I didn't include Zyrtec this time around but I conceived DD with it
    Things worth mentioning:
    I'm more relaxed this time around, we made the last minute decision to add a fourth child regardless of gender so I'll be happy either way but a sister for my daughter would be cool!

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    Good luck and pink dust headed your way!
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