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  1. Desperately want a son .....
  2. Boy Sway and Yeast Infection
  3. Physical symptoms of high and low testosterone in women
  4. TTC Blue diet suggestions Part 1
  5. Help with my blue Sway
  6. recipes and meal suggestions for TTC Blue
  7. Anyone want to critique my supplements?
  8. Seeking some blue dust!
  9. How many members are swaying for boy?
  10. HELP! FAB Iron is this same as "folic acid"?
  11. Peas & corn kernells
  12. AQUA, what's up?
  13. Supps that are Ok on a medicated cycle???
  14. At home exercise for ttc blue
  15. AS - Super green's mix - look any good?
  16. READ ME FIRST - Planning your blue sway!
  17. How to take your supps and when?
  18. Tell me about your brekkie!
  19. what are protein sources for snacks and breakfast for ttc boy
  20. Is it too late to start muscle workout?
  21. Canned soups
  22. Fish Oil tabs..
  23. Bananas and potassium
  24. DH vegetarian TTC blue
  25. Feeling hungrier
  26. Those swaying blue are you eating dairy, nuts and wholegrains?
  27. Bless him, lol
  28. How much importance do you place on the moon, biorythms and the seasons?
  29. A sample of my diet WDYT?
  30. Incense for those ions!
  31. Resveratrol for DH while ttc blue???
  32. My supps so far..
  33. Pilates - sway boy?
  34. Gelatin?!! How much?!
  35. + OPK but NO EWCM and NO pains????
  36. And now I have the +opk!
  37. L'Arginine
  38. Nutritional Yeast Flakes
  39. Can somebody tell the best cereal to have while ttc boy
  40. Minerals?
  41. Low Ionic Strength
  42. Marks Daily Apple ?
  43. Premonition dream?? Oh I wish!!
  44. Lemon water
  45. ♥DM's Boy Swayers recipes of the day thread ♥
  46. Do you all take grains/breads while ttc boy????
  47. Do I need to tk Royal Jelly whole month prior to final attempt???
  48. Perfume and Curry
  49. Diva/Instead Cups are they neccessary?
  50. Girl moms: help a sister out and post your tips for those ttc pink!
  51. TTC Boy and can you tell if it is working?
  52. Oral thrush
  53. How we got our boys!
  54. Who understands biorhythms?
  55. Girl moms Q
  56. Robitussin - which one? Links included here!!
  57. Do these hormonal supplements make you put on weight???
  58. Do we ovulate alternatively from each ovary??
  59. Almond Milk
  60. What are we missing ?
  61. ttc after a chemical????
  62. CD 22 and terrible aching
  63. No egg yet, cut off panic!! NEED INPUT!
  64. Aussie Mum's finding their pH hard to test?
  65. IG Diet or Another...
  66. Hubbies swaying?
  67. Did you include the Chinese calendar as part of your sway?
  68. I think I have hit a low =(
  69. I need consultative opinion on PIZZA!
  70. Butter?
  71. Potassium rich food list
  72. Timing it just right....
  73. Looks like i'll be ovulating after all
  74. cd 17 and no +opk
  75. Antibiotics - good idea for blue sway?
  76. ♥ April 2011 Blue Cheer Squad Thread ♥
  77. Just how much do you ladies consume each day of the following?
  78. Acupuncture anyone?
  79. PH of URINE in early pregnancy.
  80. My diet when my 2 boys were conceived!!!
  81. ig vs here
  82. Timing question
  83. Ph question- and a quick intro!
  84. Really worried
  85. Will I ever be able to conceive a boy?? (feeling down and need practical answers)
  86. Electric blankets
  87. When should we DTD???
  88. Spinning while TTC a boy
  89. pH tester WDYT of this one?
  90. Fertili Tea & FertileAid TTC Boy
  91. Does the ph of arousal fluid matter??
  92. help...some questions about TCC boy in next 2 weeks
  93. ions
  94. Oily skin??
  95. Does DHEA sway blue ?
  96. Random O days and short LP
  97. Hello! New with several questions
  98. Dong-Quai and Black and Blue Cohosh
  99. lemon water recipe
  100. high blood sugar levels
  101. TTC Blue and Breastfeeding
  102. My significant contribution to stupid questions
  103. Pre seed packaging????
  104. My swaying plan--please read and review
  105. How long after weight loss is safe to ttc boy?
  106. Smoothies?
  107. How do I keep from peeing out all my supps??
  108. CM and BBT talk-tmi
  109. supplements for CM
  110. Instead cup question?
  111. Two incredibly dumb questions and a second guess
  112. Salt / sodium question
  113. Digital PH tester
  114. Prenatals
  115. Please help - Is it acidifying???
  116. What kind of fish and bread?
  117. discrepancy for when sperm count is highest
  118. gelatin for non-pork eaters?
  119. half-life of baking soda drink
  120. Vitamin C?
  121. Tested the ph of our tap water
  122. I got a +OPK...but unsure
  123. Potassium supplement
  124. icing balls
  125. Green tea or no green tea?
  126. Please make DH feel better (re: ph, tmi)
  127. days of ewcm
  128. anyone have O pains?
  129. Cq-10??
  130. How long before TTC attempt do we have to start on everything?
  131. chart questions
  132. Gelatin capsules?
  133. alkalizing drops
  134. My diet and DH's diet
  135. wasabi peas?
  136. Aussie Swayers - Bovine Gelatin HERE
  137. Gelatin??
  138. Carman's bars
  139. Ok ..,I thinks it's time!!
  140. How do we feel about Ramen Noodles??
  141. Zinc overdose?
  142. Another gelatin Q lol and a Q about nutritional yeast flakes..
  143. A - Z of boy names GAME!
  144. Budget friendly boy swaying???
  145. BBQ
  146. swimming?
  147. anyone else?
  148. Supplements
  149. Woo-hoo! Tested my ph! Is this good?
  150. Gelatin in UK
  151. pesticides and produce
  152. Which would you choose?
  153. Can you start the boy diet too early?? (Atomic?)
  154. Yes Baby?
  155. how much is too much caffeine?
  156. Dates?
  157. heartbeat and gender
  158. B12 & L'Argenine
  159. Why does being sick sway girl? And can I still attempt if I'm feeling better by O?
  160. Heating pad increasing BBT?
  161. Green Tea!!!
  162. HELP! Testing my sucky CM
  163. Do you burn incense/oils
  164. which fruits/vegetables are good for TTC boy
  165. Is Whey Protein ok for DH
  166. Jillian Michaels workouts sway boy?
  167. CM testing (again)
  168. Potatoes
  169. exercise plan for dh and me
  170. using OPKs...
  171. Digital pH tester from Dick Smith
  172. TT question?
  173. swaying while fasting
  174. 2 questions--fruit juice and walking
  175. Minor panic, not ready for sway!
  176. pH just before AF..
  177. What can lengthen your LP?
  178. chinese calendar and psychics
  179. Need HELP with minerals
  180. Kristin (atomic) is out of town... FYI
  181. Questions on my boy sway :)
  182. PreSeed or Egg whites?!
  183. Broken nails?
  184. ELP, Viene?? Thoughts on Tribulus Terrestris??
  185. DH pH problem and Preseed
  186. Here I SWAY again.
  187. supplement list?
  188. Bfn for me..: bring on round 2
  189. anyone have successful boy sway stories?
  190. long verse short cycles
  191. Another guaiphenesin product =)
  192. Preseed help australia
  193. diet and 2ww
  194. dh and caffeine (again)
  195. Green Magma instead of Wheatgrass juice?
  196. Help!
  197. bsF or BSD
  198. french gender,IG, and Trivers Willard Hypothesis
  199. alkaline, potassium, testosterone diets
  200. Flava
  201. Dark Chocolate WITH Sea Salt, YES YOU READ RIGHT!!
  202. Sultanas?
  203. Okay, need quick help re: ural, yeast flakes, gelatin
  204. Interesting article
  205. ♥ April 2011 Blue Cheer Squad Thread ♥
  206. ♥ May 2011 Blue Cheer Squad Thread ♥
  207. TTC5 is going to help out with moderating the TTC Blue gals!
  208. When to start Clomid?
  209. What could be messing with my cycle? Help!
  210. What do you do for ttc blue from AF to O and O-3 or 5 days to O?
  211. Website on alkalansizing
  212. You should not believe that it matters whether foods are acidic or alkaline..
  213. An average day for you?
  214. User info on digital pH tester from Dick Smith
  215. Top Signs of a Boy Sway
  216. Does anyone know about it ??
  217. Thinking of going for it this month, honest opinions please
  218. BS baths and pH not budging?
  219. Think I have a + opk tonight
  220. using real eggwhites
  221. Do I need L'Arginine if I'm taking Gelatin capsules?
  222. Cut offs
  223. shettles
  224. testosterone pills
  225. Ok....now what? :)
  226. Questions....
  227. bsd/cot drink
  228. the boy diet and gaining weight
  229. Oh no! Help!
  230. Concern over mixing supps with regular medications such as anti depressants?
  231. Can you tell a difference in your hormones?
  232. conflicting info on soy for those who have not seen it
  233. Help me with this crazy cycle!!??
  234. Teeth Issues on TTC Boy Diet
  235. Why do antibiotics sway?
  236. Vit B6 and boy sway
  237. fertility friend
  238. What is going on with me?
  239. talked to your OB?
  240. Do redheads you know have more boys or girls?
  241. contradicting diet
  242. T supplements
  243. Green Tea and Folic Acid
  244. Need help re: YI
  245. Filling your own gelatine capsules
  246. Can't figure out when to dtd
  247. Are you planning to/did you use an Instead Cup for your sway?
  248. Pimples!!!!! HELP
  249. Replacement(s) for ROBITUSSIN
  250. Dosage of green tea tablets and brewer's yeast?