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    Quote Originally Posted by atomic sagebrush View Post
    The thinner you are, though, the more every pound "counts". It's a higher % of your body weight. So while someone else who weighed more could lose that 4 lbs and it would have no effect, because you're already thin it really packs a punch.
    That makes sense. Thank you.
    So if we have sex with a condom 3 days before our 1 attempt for a girl sway is that technically considered bd’ing 2x or only once since only once was unprotected.
    Also when is it okay to resume sex without a condom?

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    Just once. An "attempt" means it is sex that you can actually get pregnant from.

    When you are SURE you have ovulated. I can't give you a day for that because sometimes people actually think they've ovulated when they haven't and there isn't just a set day I can say for sure anyone has Oed.
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