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  1. Welcome to Gender Desire...
  2. I hate to be the first to post...
  3. Can't reconcile desire for a girl with desire for a small family
  4. SOOooooOOO clucky...desperately want a boy.
  5. I'm bawling my eyes out right now. :(
  6. I wish she'd stop saying that.
  7. If you don't feel that overwhelming rush of love when your GD baby is born...
  8. .
  9. Wishing for another girl....
  10. Accomplishment!
  11. One more try....
  12. GD in old Disney cartoon!!
  13. Chances of Boy After Three Girls?
  14. I hate when people lie to me in this way.
  15. How do you control your desire?
  16. This video makes me want another little girl SO BAD!
  17. why do i feel like im incapable of producing a girl
  18. Well, it must be so, right?!
  19. My odds are looking worse by the day!
  20. I think the doc gave away my surprise!!
  21. I had a talk with DH
  22. My Surprise is HERE!!
  23. My story
  24. Newbie here
  25. A Little Sad Right Now!!!
  26. The hardest part of my job...
  27. surprised by dream do I really feel like this?
  28. Sad
  29. great now I have outsiders guessing the gender!
  30. Of course.
  31. I hate having Gender Desire!
  32. For those who had another after their DG
  33. Another Friend Pregnant With A Girl!!
  34. Catching myself obsessing
  35. So my husband doesn't have perfect sperm....?!?!? Stupid b***h
  36. Feeling pressure from my partners GD
  37. my sister had her baby and its a ...
  38. Mad at my father
  39. Age and babies
  40. Hard to watch others get your dg...
  41. Subconscious mind
  42. How high/low were your babys heartrates while you were pregnant???
  43. Its all I can think of
  44. Do boy mums have a particular look about them??
  45. I had a dream
  46. Getting nervous about finding out gender
  47. My desire for a son
  48. I'm evil.
  49. Mommy's that have had both genders....
  50. I told my mom (step-mom) about swaying!
  51. I crashed
  52. Finding out the gender in 2 days!
  53. Had my gender scan today.............
  54. Need to vent & in need of some hope :(
  55. GD comments from the idiot's side!!
  56. Not again :( :( :(
  57. Does anyone imagine their DG child?
  58. ultrasound tomorrow....
  59. So down...
  60. some pink please....
  61. GRRRR!!
  62. Feeling low
  63. How do I talk my DH into trying again????? I just cant seem to let it go :(
  64. Offloading ...
  65. Just wanted to share and vent
  66. hello : )
  67. It's just starting for me....
  68. Oops, pregnant, no sway...or, not much anyway...
  69. I think I am at peace with getting another daughter...
  70. I hate the comments!
  71. So many people getting their DG this year, I'm starting to think it can't possibly happen to me!!
  72. Will you keep going til you get your DG??
  73. Who is your DG for???
  74. Coping with bad GD days? vent..
  75. Do people try to be mean? Or just are mean accidentally?
  76. The wait to try for pink
  77. Is it wrong that I don't want to go?
  78. How do I cope with a sister who has daughters and my mom who favors them?
  79. Feel like giving up. What's the point?
  80. Trying for a third baby
  81. glad I can come here and share and hear others' similar struggles
  82. Is getting your desired gender harder than achieving your financial/career/other goals in life?
  83. How to be happy for my good friends
  84. So many boy moms today :(
  85. Saddened by....
  86. AHHH! Comments people make/got comebacks??
  87. Dumb "I got my girl" comments
  88. AHH!
  89. Anyone else pregnant and really nervous?
  90. SUCH a relief!
  91. daydreaming
  93. Having hard time with gender desire
  94. Doctor's appointment tomorrow
  95. how many of you have 4 of the same gender?
  96. OMG are you f*cking kidding me?!?!?!?!
  97. WANT a girl so bad!!
  98. Secret Talk With My MIL
  99. Is it bad.... Little Update.
  100. Do You Believe In Karma? Good People Get What They Deserve?!?
  101. Need advice on when to announce...& minimize STUPID gender comments
  102. Who else has a kid with gender desire?
  103. wimping out of antinatal
  104. Hello im new here! I have some questions that I hope you can help me with
  105. Dreading ultrasound on Monday.
  106. Getting nervous for my NT scan tomorrow (1-23)
  107. after 7 girls it's a.....
  108. Beta Levels and Gender
  109. When is it time to switch gears?
  110. Just wanted to share this..
  111. BABY DESIRE, not just gender desire. Anyone else?
  112. Will be swaying sometime in 2013
  113. New Here & Need some advice!
  114. How to just let go of the desire?
  115. so jealous
  116. Mother in Law problems with gender?
  117. My gender dsapointment has gone away, will it stay away?
  118. Pregnancy envy
  119. Dear God, all i want is just a baby girl!
  120. How did you know when you wanted to have the next child?
  121. Getting discouraged!!!
  122. every got your desired gender despite everyone else thought the opposite?
  123. Updated Next Scan in 2 days!
  124. 4 boys already....Gender scan in 2 days...very nervous!
  125. Had a Gender Scan Today..what would you all think??
  126. JUST VENTING!!!
  127. 3 girls & wanting a boy so badly...
  128. Hyperventilating: All the girls being taken...I'm insane, join me, won't you!
  129. Heavy Expectations
  130. Wanting to be pregnant already
  131. It's not them, it's ME
  132. ever been in my shoes?
  133. Tomorrow is the big day!
  134. Anyone else not sure what they want?
  135. Am I really selfish?
  136. Something that made my day
  137. Feeling very left out today
  138. What is wrong with me???
  139. I'm so glad I've found this forum!
  140. Who here has overcome their gender desire / disappointment?? Needing inspiration!
  141. Is it worth it?
  142. Just a Rant!
  143. Tomorrow I'm going to do something stupid..
  144. Having a rough day....
  145. I am becoming depressed
  146. So what is this...someone please give me a name for it!
  147. please excuse!
  148. GD Dreams - Anyone else have them?
  149. So I've made a decision!
  150. New Potty Shots! Is bub a girl?
  151. The big question...to find out gender or not??
  152. And so it begins...
  153. why is this getting to me?
  154. I feel so down :(
  155. Something....amazing just happened :)
  156. Correlation between Gender Desire intensity and time taken to conceive
  157. The feeling that something is missing...
  158. How do you stay positive?
  159. obsessed now :(
  160. Fear of gender guilt
  161. Was HT worth it? Here's my story
  162. I've got a feeling...
  163. Songs that make you think about your dream DG baby
  164. Can't stop crying
  165. Conflicting feelings
  166. Friend who "forgot" gender desire...
  167. Already obsessing.... Great :-/
  168. Irrational thinking, but...
  169. A "strong" feeling...
  170. Feeling very conflicted... should I try for one more or let go of the dream? It's my last chance.
  171. No more but feeling incomplete, will it ever go away
  172. Such a roller coaster
  173. Scared to TTC #3!
  174. It's so hard to be honest without being judged!
  175. Vent- heavy hearted
  176. Have three boys and trying again!
  177. Cried at the mall today
  178. Cried at the mall today
  179. Allowing myself to feel sad today
  180. So convinced that this is another boy....can't be excited about the pregnancy :(
  181. help, am obssessed
  182. Do you think getting the desired gender takes away some of the bond you have with the other gender?
  183. A question to you ladies wanting a boy
  184. Just got BFP...gender dissapointment already?!
  185. Annoying comments
  186. "I got a (insert DG) by doing this"....
  187. What are you most looking forward to about having a daughter?
  188. Am I an awful person??
  189. I know its a bit silly, but other peoples gender prediction are really upsetting me!
  190. Wondering why some people just seem to effortlessly get their DG
  191. I am about to lose my best friend over this
  192. 4 girls and husband says he's done. Any hopeful stories out there?
  193. It's one of those days...
  194. Rough few days
  195. Friends' announcements make me so sad...
  196. A question...
  197. Can't shake this desire!
  198. Going name crazy before even being pregnant?
  199. How many do you know with 3 of the same?
  200. Find out at Gender Scan or wait till Christmas???
  201. Is it wrong not to tell anyone?
  202. Is it wrong? Is it selfish?
  203. This is never going to happen
  204. Anyone else have a DH that just doesn't get it?
  205. Dh says NO babies
  206. Going around in circles..
  207. deleted
  208. My family car stickers......
  209. Selfish or is there others like me?
  210. Obsessing about my babies sex, even in my sleep
  211. Find out in two hours -- feeling nauseous with anxiety
  212. Soooo want to buy this, but so afraid to buy this...
  213. ultrasound accuracy at 15 weeks?
  214. Does having a rough childhood make anyone want a girl even more?
  215. Feel like giving up...
  216. Families of 3
  217. ultrasound this afternoon.
  218. How to prepare for the outcome of the gender scan
  219. This is when I get sad
  220. My friend had a dream...
  221. After 6 boys....................
  222. 13 days
  223. Help!! Feeling desperate for pink
  224. Is it possible to suffer GD before even conceiving
  225. extreme gender desire - how to handle ??
  226. Do you let on about your desire for the other gender when you already have the other?...
  227. Friend just a DD... after three sons
  228. being in limbo
  229. First email of the day ;-S
  230. Thursday
  231. Wlll u keep going until you get your dg even if you know you shouldnt / cant afford to etc.
  232. 7 PREGNANT friends ALL due girls !!
  233. Feeling guilty about thinking/talking about this baby maybe a girl..
  234. why am i like this? (sensitive post)
  235. Anyone out there with artistic boys?
  236. Anyone else think they will never get their DG?
  237. Counseling for GD?
  238. Getting ready for Tuesday - big scan
  239. Anyone have gender-predicting dreams?
  240. My man- are there awesome things people say about being an all boy/all girl mum?
  241. Anyone else feel this way?
  242. Hi there
  243. Ok this is quiet random
  244. In defense of boys
  245. I could find out tomorrow... should I??
  246. Advice needed!
  247. The gender of your baby has no effect on what's growing in my uterus!
  248. My feelings are hurt! What are your thoughts?
  249. I am gone!
  250. Why do you want your desired Gender?